• Weekly Weight Loss Tip 3 – Overcoming Bad Habits for Weight Loss

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    Overcoming Bad Habits for Weight Loss

    Habits cause us to get results, whether they be good results or bad results. It may be that the sum of our habits cause us to be exactly where we are in reaching our goals. Habits cause our brain to essentially turn off and go into autopilot. I have included a video below that discusses one method of changing your habits for the better.


    Take Action: Start working on a small habit that can change your weight loss.

    Comments/Replys: Leave comments below (Click on the Article Title if you do not see Comments) – I would like to hear what you think of the article, new habits you will be making and/or your method(s) for changing habits.

  • Weekly Weight Loss Tip – Facing Down Your Cravings

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    There I was at another luncheon. Just me against the urge to eat more. The barriers to me eating more were so low. The food was laid out like a buffet there was more food than we were going to eat. The food was great, and it was food that was not considered fattening food. Taking a step back a bit. I was on my way to eating at this luncheon and then it begins. I feel myself wanting to pig out on this food I am going to eat. I suddenly caught myself arguing with myself, and then I reminded myself of the way to get past these cravings. Can you guess what it was? It is the whole focus of this post, and I will share more in a minute. I did decide to eat less before I even went in to the luncheon.

    Later at the luncheon the cravings got worse. I take a few bites of the food and it was delicious. I found myself beginning to plot how I could eat more. I begin looking around and watching people going for seconds, and no one was. I was trying to rationalize how I could eat more. This food is good for me, and I need to eat more because I have not eat much today. I went on trying to get a rational and publicly acceptable reason to eat more. I just could not do it. I thought well if no one is going for seconds I will pass.

    Then it happened, a friend of mine goes for seconds. It doesn’t help that he is the skinniest friend I have. My brain kicks in again. See, it says, no one will say anything. Look others are going for seconds, why not you. The pressure was mounting. And then it finally stopped. I drew a line, a line in the sand.

    Then after I escaped  the luncheon, I reflected on what had happened. I thought about how I was able to do it. I ate well. I skipped the junk food and deserts that were there. I found what solved the problem.

    It all began as I walked to the luncheon, and I told myself to not eat much at the luncheon. And that’s it. Don’t just skim over this and miss it. I talked to myself and planned ahead not to overeat. Later during the luncheon I told myself to not to indulge in more, even though I easily could have. In fact, I had that little voice in my stomach, or brain, telling me to go on eat, it will be okay. I finally did not give up on my original thoughts. Although, my original thoughts did not drive me, in any direct way, they were there and I think that was important. I also had my goals of weight loss in mind. My commitment to eat a certain amount of calories each meal. That helped also to have the goals in mind. During the fight with myself, I decided to win with weight loss. I won the battle, and I ate well. Even though I have been losing weight for a while, I still have these fights with myself.

    The key is talking to yourself, self talk. I am not encouraging you to walk around talking out loud to yourself, but I am encouraging you to talk to yourself. Beat down that little voice that does not want you to succeed.

    Here is how it works:

    • Have your weight loss goal in mind daily
    • Prepare yourself when you know you are going to have a challenge to your goal
    • Talk to yourself and plan what you will eat on your way
    • Fight, fight, fight to keep yourself on your goal
    • Stop thoughts that are damaging to your goal as soon as possible
    • Keep your eye on the prize, your weight loss goal
    • Evacuate if the urges are too much, remove yourself from the challenge
    • Your weight loss muscles will be built stronger

    Take Action:

    Plan and talk to yourself before you get to weight loss challenging situation. Plan out how much you will eat and stick to it. Succeed and be proud, even when you win little battles like avoiding desert, you will have done a great thing for your diet.

    Thanks for reading. Tell me your stories and leave your comments below.

  • Weekly Weight Loss Tip – Developing Daily Discipline

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    Quote: “Every Mighty Oak was Once a Little Nut That Would Not Quit Growing”

    I love this quote. I saw it this weekend on a church sign, and it hit me as profoundly true. The idea is a good one to think about in the context of weight loss. We all start out with that little nut of an idea to lose weight. We all do some things to grow the idea, and we get results based on how much we let our idea grow daily. The daily discipline of nurturing our idea, our goal, is a large part of how successful our weight loss goal is.

    Some of you may be the type that you get you idea, you work, work, work for a few days on your weight loss goal, and you get exhausted and quit. Some of you may get the idea to lose weight and you take some action, it doesn’t show immediate results, and you quit. Still others may work on the weight loss goal, get near, or meet the goal and backslide right back to gaining weight. Then there are the ones that become mighty oaks. Ones we admire, but may not be able to see ourselves as ever becoming.

    I am here to tell you that you can be that mighty oak, and become the person you want to be through meeting your weight loss goal. Meeting the goal changes you, empowers you, and builds your discipline muscles.

    Develop the daily discipline necessary to achieve your weight loss goals. There are few goals as rewarding as weight loss. It is so gratifying and life changing to lose weight. Losing weight changes your self image, it changes your view of the world, and it changes your outlook for the future. Developing daily discipline is a key to accomplishing your goal.

    Point: Develop Daily Disciplines that Accomplish Your Weight Loss Goals

    Action: Get on a Plan That Helps You Accomplish Your Weight Loss Goals

    Action Step: A great way to get on a plan that keeps you going everyday is to first have a plan that works, and is proven to work. This is so that you don’t waste time with a lot of wasted effort. I have developed a plan that encompasses and solves the problems with discipline and it provides proven strategies to lose 2 to 3 pounds per week (more on that in a few minutes).

    The second and probably most important is to have a plan to keep you motivated, determined and disciplined. There are two methods to do this, and I think you should have one or both of these methods in place to keep you disciplined. Method one is to get a friend to check up on your discipline and results daily. They can call you, e-mail you or text you with a reminder and question you about your progress. They can also motivate you by encouraging you. Another great method to stay motivated is to setup reminders in your e-mail or phone application to remind you every day. You can have it send you a question like, What are you doing to lose weight today? or How much weight did you lose today?. Whichever method you use, it is good to keep a system going to remind you of your goal every day.

    You will find more in-depth information on Developing Daily Discipline in my 1-week course to master weight loss called Weight Loss Mastery. Weight Loss Mastery covers this information in the section called, Motivation Foundation, where you will learn how to be one of the top weight losers by developing a one-page plan that drives you to lose weight. You can start today by visiting the following link: Get Weight Loss Mastery Today

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    You Can Do It, Don’t Stop Growing,



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  • Weight Loss Mastery – Get on Board Now

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    Do you want to lose weight? Would you join a program that will tell you how to lose 2 to 5 pounds per week? Would you like to learn more?

    The Weight Loss Mastery Academy is beginning in conjunction with the two current Challenges I am moderating on FatSecret.

    Weight Loss Mastery has been proven to get you to easily lose 2 pounds per week, and you will learn the strategies to lose that and more with this plan.

    Weight Loss Mastery will give you the skills you need to lose 2 pounds per week and more in as little as a few days.

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    I Can’t Wait to Hear Your Results,

  • Fat Secret Challenges – Spring 2014

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    Hello All,

    I currently have two challenges running on FatSecret.

    I would love to have you join in.

    Challenge 1 is losing 10 pounds by Memorial Day, You can find it here:

    Challenge 2 is losing 20 pounds by Independence Day, You can find it here:




  • How Much to Eat at Each Meal

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    Metabolic Machine 1

    Metabolic Machine 2

  • Customizable Meatloaf Muffins

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    I have made these before and they are an excellent way to personalize your own meatloaf. I can add/remove certain ingredients to customize the different tastebuds in the family.

  • Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Month – Registration Closed

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    W-10 Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Month – Registration Closed

    Good Luck. Enjoy the Challenge.


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